Athletes will be selected based on the following skills:

  • Ball handling
  • Passing
  • Serving
  • Setting
  • Attacking
  • Blocking
  • Defense

Athletes will also be evaluated on the following components:

  • Overall athletic ability
  • Ability to perform basic skills and produce effective results
  • Decision making (physically, mentally)
  • Competitiveness, assertiveness, commitment, willingness to learn
  • Improvement in physical and technical ability from previous tryouts
  • Coachability and ability to be a teammate


All athletes are expected to attend both sessions. If an athlete can only attend one session, they must submit a valid reason to the Club.*injured athletes will be evaluated based on their play during the previous season at the discretion of the selection committee.

Selection Committee

The selection committee will consist of the following for each age group:

  • Head coach
  • One executive member (if available)
  • In the event that a coach cannot be present, the assistant coach for that team may replace him/her.
  • If a coach has not been selected for a team, the remaining members of the selection committee will go ahead and choose the team until a coach can be found.

*coaches or executive members will be removed from the final selection if there is a conflict of interest.

Final Selection

  • Athletes will be ranked following tryouts
  • The number of athletes selected to each team will be determined by the executives
  • The executives will make decisions on players playing up/down in an age category
  • The executive may choose to eliminate a team for the following reasons:
    • Lack of coaches
    • Insufficient number of players
    • Lack of gym time

All Selections are Final

Playing up/down policy

KVC suggests that all athletes play in their own age category. However, we do understand that in certain circumstances, athletes maybe required to play in a higher/lower age category.

  • All athletes must attend the evaluation for their age group.
  • During evaluations, coaches may request that an athlete play up one age group.
  • All requests will be handled at the executive level.
  • All decisions made by the executives will be passed on to the parents and/or coaches. The parents and/or coaches may request a meeting to discuss the decision; however, all decisions made by the executives are final.