The Qualities to Join 

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports around the world. In fact, it is played in every country. If you are not familiar with volleyball, it is played by two teams with six players. 

With thousands of volleyball clubs, Kingston Volleyball Club is among the clubs that will provide you with a satisfying watching experience because of the outstanding skills of our players. We also have a 6-week development program that will focus on improving your basic volleyball skills. 

Our club also makes sure to produce hard-working and disciplined athletes every year. Our training program is also designed to improve our player’s stamina, agility, and endurance.

Planning to join the Kingston Volleyball Club? Here are the qualities you will need:

Have a Burning Motivation 

To become a part of the team you need to have a burning motivation. This is because the training process is not easy. You need to be disciplined in everything you do and even the food you eat. As they say, to become a professional volleyball player, you need to train at least 10,000 hours. 

Improve Your Weakness 

Even if you are already trained, you should be open to criticism and willing to improve your weakness. In fact, you can turn your weakness into one of your strengths. Aside from training as a group, you also need to train as an individual. In this way, you can assess if you improved or not. 

Learn the Language

If you are new to volleyball, it is best to familiarize yourself with the commonly used terms that will make it easier for you to understand the coaches. It is better to watch volleyball matches on YouTube. In this way, you can immediately catch up with the team. 

Great Attitude 

Even if you are outside or inside the court, you need to be optimistic, ongoing, and enthusiastic. This is because you will encounter a lot of challenges and new things. You need to listen closely to what your coach says. Follow the instructions and listen to their feedback. 


The most important thing is that you need to be vocal. You need to let them know your thoughts or if you are not comfortable. In this way, your coach can also find ways to help you or make some adjustments for the team.  

Be Thankful  

Saying ‘Thank you’ to your coaches and teammates might be a small thing to you but it makes a huge difference. Thank your coach for guiding the team to victory and your teammates for doing a great job. 

Have Fun 

Do not forget to have fun even if you are tired. The fun is what keeps you going. Enjoy playing with your teammates and make memories that will last forever.   

To join our team, send your application form to our email or visit our site for more information. You can also reach us on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.