The Qualities of a Volleyball Coach

Leading a team is one of the most challenging things to do. This is because you have to encourage, take care, and lead the team. Here are some of the qualities a volleyball coach should have: 


A volleyball coach should be competitive in a good way. This is to make sure that the team will also have the strength to defeat the opponent. Having a coach who is not competitive will make it difficult for the team to win.  

Patient and Willing 

A good volleyball coach should be patient enough to accept the countless errors of the team. They should be patient at all times. Being hot-headed is not good for the team. Being patient and willing goes hand in hand. If a coach is willing and patient to teach, the team can definitely win the game. 

Confident Enough 

As a coach, you have to be confident no matter what. You have to be confident that your team will win the match. If you have noticed, if the coach is confident, the team is also confident to play. However, confidence should not be confused with bluffing. 


As a leader, you should know how to take care of your team. You should know the situation of their emotion, mental, and physical health. This is because it might affect the player’s performance on the court. 


You need to be reliable at all times, not only when it comes to volleyball. You need to act like the dad or mom of the team. Being reliable simply means that your team can trust you. 


Aside from the players, the coach should also be disciplined in all aspects. This is to lead a good example to the team. Not practising what you preach might lose the trust of your team. 

Attention to Detail 

No matter how big or small, you should always be attentive to details. This is to make sure that you are not missing anything. It can be in the way your team plays and even their attitude. It is also a way for you to quickly identify each player’s strengths and weaknesses.  


An effective coach must be ready to make all of the necessary adjustments to improve the condition of the team. It can be inside or outside the court. Being resourceful is one of the most important traits that a coach should have.  


To become respectable inside and outside the court, you should be sincere in everything you do. Sincere in a way that you are also being true to your team. Being sincere also helps a lot in making your team trust you.  


Being a coach does not mean that you can command your team around. As a leader, you need to carry everyone up and make sure that no one gets left behind. These are the qualities of Kingston Volleyball Club coaches. What are you waiting for? Join our team!