This program is for competitive athletes who wish to train 2 x per week and plan to play in OVA Beach Tournaments as well as OVA Beach Provincials.  Athletes will sign up as individuals and will be placed together as partners based on training etc.  Athletes may request to play with partners.   Registration will open February 1st 2019.

Training Program

Gender: Coed

Location: CFB Kingston (Beach Volleyball Courts)

Cost: $420.00 per athlete (16 training days – 2 hrs each)

Start date: Indoor training to start mid May, Outdoor Training start May 28

Tournaments, Provincials will be at your own cost

Head Coach: Darryl Ramsey

Darral is an Advance Development Coach (Level 2), who has been coaching for 15+ years. Currently the Assistant Coach of the RMC Mens Volleyball Team. He has head coached with a number of youth volleyball clubs in Ontario (Fusion, Breakers, Ottawa Vikings, Forest City and Pegasus) as well as CISM Womens National Team and the Flemming Knights. Darral has been coaching beach volleyball for 5+ season.

We are excited to have Darral as the Head Coach of our Competitive Beach Program, I believe this is what a number of athletes have been asking for over the past few years.



This program is for athletes who want to learn the game of beach volleyball. Each session will run from 10:00am – 11:30am Saturday mornings at Royal Kingston Curling Club. Registration will open March 15 2019

Training Program

Gender: Coed

Location: Royal Kingston Curling Club

Times: Saturday Mornings 10:00am – 11:30am

Duration: 8 Weeks – Starting May 25 – Schedule Below

Cost: $190.00

Head Coach: Dan Burns / Assistant Coach:  Payton Chislohm

Dan is a qualified Development Coach (Level 1) coach who has been coaching our 14UB program for the last 4 years. Dan creates a fun learning environment for all athletes. This will be Dan’s second year running this program.


May 2510:00am11:30amJune 2310:00am11:30amSunday
June 110:00am11:30amJuly 610:00am11:30am
June 810:00am11:30amJuly 1310:00am11:30am
June 1510:00am11:30amKVC Year EndBeach DayJuly 2110:00am11:30amSunday

Kingston Volleyball Club: Beach Volleyball Programmes

Are you looking for other ways to spend your summers? Join the Kingston Volleyball Club programmes where we train young and aspiring athletes who share the same love and passion for the sport. Our beach volleyball programmes are designed to equip you with the necessary training for competitive games or to enhance your overall health with a new hobby. 

Beach volleyball is considered to be a summer Olympic sport, making it one of the most popular games in several countries around the world. The mechanics work similarly to regular indoor volleyball games but are considered to be more exhaustive when it comes to tournaments. This is primarily due to the fact that the terrain is harder to manoeuvre in. 

Regular volleyball games consist of teams. Beach versions are exclusively played by pairs. None of the players can be substituted and positions are flexible. Due to any impending weather conditions, athletes switch courts every seven points to ensure that the game is played fairly. Players often wear shades, visors, and other protective topical creams to avoid getting burnt by either the sun or other harsh conditions. 

Since they play in the sand, they often don’t need other obvious gear such as knee pads. There are only two main positions in beach volleyball since it is played by pairs. Balls are larger and made more resistant to water and other surfaces. These are some things to keep in mind before you start your journey with Kingston Volleyball Club!

Explore our programmes below and if you are interested in joining our team, please feel free to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Competitive programme

Our club gives opportunities for aspiring athletes to expand their knowledge and skill of the sport. Under our competitive programme, applicants undergo an intensive training period of 16 days with 2 hours of playtime. They will be held at CFB Kingston volleyball courts with indoor training facilities located nearby. 

Since this programme is designed to prepare applicants for an upcoming tournament, any provincial or regional contest fees are excluded in the statement of account. We highly suggest considering our recreational programme for applicants who don’t wish to participate in tournaments. 

This programme includes a try-out phase where we select applicants who show great promise in the sport. This is a good stepping stone for those who want to pursue a professional career in beach volleyball. The head coach is a seasoned player and has trained numerous award-winning teams. Get to know more about our coaching staff on our website. 

Recreational programme

We welcome any applicant who shows an interest in playing beach volleyball. While players don’t get to compete in tournaments, the training is pretty much done in the same intensity as the competitive programme. This is designed to shape and hone the skills of aspiring athletes in hopes of pursuing a career in the sport or becoming more active in terms of physical fitness. 

Each session is held on Saturday mornings with training lasting up to 2 hours, depending on the weather conditions. Courts are located at Royal Kingston Curling Club to prevent any scheduling conflicts with the competitive teams. Our head coach is also a seasoned professional who aims to foster a fun and active lifestyle among the youth. 

More about beach volleyball

The sport was considered to be a leisure activity back in the 1920s when patrons of California beach clubs sought to host tournaments for those who are interested. While the rules and mechanics are the same as indoor games, beach volleyball proves to be a completely different feat altogether. 

It was only in 1976 that the sport was considered for professional tournaments. 

Differences between beach and indoor volleyball

The most obvious example is the location. Indoor volleyball games are held in gymnasiums or covered courts that are staged with a high net, large field, and symmetrical borders. Beach volleyball, on the other hand, makes use of sand courts and outdoor environments. 

Due to the terrain being sand, it makes it a lot harder for players to move around faster as compared to hardcourts found in regular volleyball games. Gear and uniforms differ greatly as well with beach players wearing suits appropriate for the outdoor environment. They also omit wearing knee pads. 

Another difference is the number of players per match. Indoor volleyball makes use of 6 players in a match. They can have substitutes during the game and are given fixed positions on the court. Beach volleyball is played exclusively by two players, making any substitutes unheard of. In fact, there are only two positions in the beach version. They are:

  • Defender
    • The defender is in charge of guarding the court and making sure the ball does not hit or land on their side. They often dig during the match since they need to keep the ball from touching the ground. 
  • Blocker
    • They prevent the ball from entering their side of the court in case of a spike from the opposing team. Blockers are usually positioned in front of the defender and make lots of jumps in order to properly block the ball from the net. 

As compared to regular games, beach volleyball players can switch positions when they see fit. This depends on which side each player is located and they can easily coordinate with each other on how they can effectively keep the ball from hitting the ground. 

Winning shots 

In beach volleyball, the winning shots have terms attached to them. Due to the smaller number of players in a single match, there are bigger and better chances of scoring points. Indoor volleyball games make use of the spike to win a match. This is one of the most common and popular types of winning shots as it displays the immense skill and agility of the athlete doing it. 

For beach players, however, their counterpart for the spike is the roll shot. This is when the ball is looped over the net and rolls through an opponent’s blocking stance. A cut shot is another popular winning shot where the ball is hit from one of a court to another, very close to the net, making it extremely difficult for opponents to save it. 


As beach volleyball occurs in harsher conditions than that of indoor games, training tends to be a lot more exhaustive on stamina and agility. Coaches may have their own approaches to the sport but at Kingston Volleyball Club, we believe that aspiring athletes can be driven towards aiming higher using fortitude and mental performance on top of all the physical training. 

Our motivation comes from helping the youth find their niche in a sport that teaches them coordination, teamwork, and discipline. Any sport is difficult and very taxing on the body but with the right framework and mindset, goals can be achieved. 

Our club focuses on honing leadership skills and good moral conduct. Applicants who are beginning to show deficiencies in school may be denied access to training. This is to ensure that all of our players remember to be responsible and that their future won’t be compromised. We aim to raise athletes who can deal with adversity, are good at communicating, and have strong moral compasses. 

For our recreational programme, we teach the same core values on top of promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle. We believe that volleyball is a good way to teach good sportsmanship and other life skills to those who choose not to compete. While training is held in much longer intervals, we make sure that our participants always keep in mind that values and endurance go together. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you accept both male and female players in a team?

Yes, we do! In fact, our club welcomes any player of all ages, backgrounds, and genders to participate in our training programmes. We host co-educational sessions during the summer and other seasons, depending on weather conditions and school year calendars. 

High school students are encouraged to join our training programmes during the summer or their free time. Tournaments will be held bi-annually and are subject to assessment. 

How much does it usually cost to train with you?

With all the benefits and training our applicants get, sessions are offered at very affordable prices. Our head coaches are notable professionals who have coached winning teams in the past. For just $420 per programme, each player is entitled to intensive training, skill-building, and uniforms. 

How long do your training sessions run for?

Our competitive programme has 16 sessions with 2 hours of playtime. We play both indoor and outdoor games for maximum strength and agility training. Recreational games happen every Saturday morning for almost 2 hours, depending on weather conditions. Families, adults, and kids are allowed to watch participating members as they play in court.