Spring Training – 6 Week Training Program


This 6-week, grass-roots program is in its 4th year as a Skill building program to the sport of volleyball.  Through this experience, athletes will be lead through a skill-building program where movement, technique, and basic volleyball concepts will be covered to give them a technical advantage in the sport! This program is designed for athletes ages 12-15 to learn in a fun, no pressure environment.



Cost - $125.00 (T-Shirt Included)


Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Peyton Chinnery

Assistant Coaches: Emily Milward, Brighton Matheson, Carter Muncey 


Girls/Boys - Ages 12-15

Wednesday Evenings 6:30 – 8:00pm

Molly Brant Public School


Week 1

April 24

·        Movement for forearm passing

·        Forearm passing fundamentals

·        Introduction to spike approach footwork

Week 2

May 1

·        Movement for overhead passing

·        Overhead passing fundamentals

·        Introduction to three hits per side (to the net, along the net, over the net)

Week 3

May 8

·        Review spike approach footwork

·        Hitting arm swing fundamentals

·        Putting together feet and arms with spike approach through drills.

Week 4

May 15

·        Reinforcement of core passing skills through drills.

·        Reinforcement of game movement and three hits per side through an introduction to Smashball.

Week 5

May 22

·        Reinforcement of core passing skills through warmup.

·        Overhand serve fundamentals.

Week 6

May 29

·        Mini Volleyball Tournament/Wrap Up